The Aaronsburg Civic Club is committed to a strong, smart and healthy community life in Penns Valley.  Through classes, events and the stewardship of public spaces, we work to enrich, preserve, and celebrate the lives of Penns Valley residents.

It is back! Thanks to help from 3dots, ART CAMP is a GO! July 29 - August 2, 2024! Select "more" to go directly to the flyer!

Our Mission

Aaronsburg Civic Club

315 W Aaron's Square

PO Box 286

Aaronsburg, PA 16820

Community Building



We are grateful for the support of all our members, sponsors and volunteers.

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Home of Aaronsburg Civic Club classes, suppers, polling place, and other special events.

Building Reservation Request

Need a space for your next event? Our Community Building comes complete with a 1400 square foot dining room and event space and an inspected commercial kitchen! Contact us for more info: 

 ACC is now partnering with Haines Township for our Dutch Fall Festival a 47-year tradition! For more info, visit the webpage: DUTCH FALL FESTIVAL – Haines Township (
Or Email:

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